I don’t have anything to say this week as we didn’t really do anything except take the midterm exams. Tuesday was a fun day of conversation about Ms.Disa’s life, how very, very interesting indeed. A person’s life is so full of feelings and history, and there are 7 billion of us! All different and always changing. I’m not even sure who the secretary is this week. School is a very repetitive activity, it’s not like a new year’s eve festival or something like that. It feels very fatiguing if you think about it. It’s about making the best use of the time to make yourself learn something, not exactly about making yourself happy. This makes me think about what I was thinking last time. If we can accept that every student is different. which places the idea that there are different learning styles for every student, then why go to a school? Why do we have to go through all the same routine if some of us go better through different routines? It somehow feels forced, this going to school thing. It isn’t exactly a bad thing, though. It makes you appreciate life more by making changes to yourself. That’s probably why most conflicts happen, people want to see the other side lose. The solution to that is about changing yourself to fit the other individual. So maybe, I’m the one wrong. Why do I have to go to another school when I can just fit myself to the teacher’s teaching style? It seems like I have refuted my own argument, how mildly embarrassing. Fit to the other person, go with the flow and don’t fight it. A little advice to the people of the island, don’t look at the sun for too long or you might just need to wear glasses, like me.

Have a nice day!