According to Miss Disa, this week is called a “Gray Week”.Why, you might ask. This week, AEP only had one lesson on a Tuesday morning and with one lesson, what could you do? Not to mention our friend had mysteriously disappeared that morning, but it’s no surprise. It is a habit of Clarisse to just randomly be away.

In the previous years of TOEFL, now known as AEP, we would always play Scrabble when we had nothing else to do. We’ve all been playing Scrabble for years, but it is without a doubt that we are terrible players. With having a Vocabulary Test almost every week, you’d think we would use words such as relinquish or jeer. But no, we used words such as pen or cap.

Playing Scrabble is not always used to just pass boredom. Sometimes it would give us knowledge of new words, randomly finding strange words in the dictionary. During the fourteen years of my life here on Earth, I didn’t know swot was a word. And of course, we would often add an “s” to the end of a word when we didn’t have any other letters to put.

Seems like luck wasn’t by my side that morning when all of the letters I chose were all consonants. I don’t even know how Viktoria and I survived with the letters that we chose.

But nevertheless, it’s always much better playing a painful game of Scrabble rather than having lessons in class and writing an essay.

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