Hello everyone!

The midterms have just finished, and were surprisingly easy! On the day this blog is posted, we would have gotten back our exam papers.

Since this week is over, I have my “extra-satisfying” comments about the week.

Our results were returned, I am sure that most students were satisfied with their grades, because they did their best. I am very happy that Ms. Disa gave words, that I knew were easy. Here are some:

Banter – not serious talk: fun chat

Discordant – not harmonious

Wanton – immoral

Glut – to stuff LOADS of “objects, mostly food” into things

I just gave easy and understandable descriptions for those words. If you want to learn more words, please visit https://www.vocabtest.com/


That was for the first period.

And, I forgot to inform you all, that we will be starting regular AEP classes next week. The second period was fun for me, since we had nothing to do. Ms. Disa allowed us to play with her Scrabble board game, because she did not want us to be bored for 40 more minutes. Hahaha!

That is it for my weekly comments, thanks for reading. And see you in my next post!

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