It’s safe to say that my days as the class secretary are finally over. ( you know, until two weeks from now) but that’s not the point.

I feel like a new person, taking in a breath of fresh air. But they’re are more important issues that are before me, in fact, all of us.


Last Tuesday, we were given the whole period to write an essay. Honestly, the only problem I have is reaching the word count. My problem isn’t going beyond, but not reaching. Which is pretty ironic because when answering other questions, I always exceed to the maximum number of words.

That being said, I really really need to work on that. I plan to just practise and test myself over the weekends. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure it will take a toll over the essays I’ll be having in the future.

On the lighter note, we had our midterms the next day. You’re probably wondering how in the world midterms can ever be considered ‘easy’.

Well, it’s AEP. and if you know any better, It’s vocabulary. which is basically, the safe zone for us students.

But that still didn’t make me any less nervous for the test. I mean, I even caused the cabinet-thing to tumble, by smacking it with my bag as I was taking a seat. Miss even thought I was drunk. lol.

I was pretty confident with the first portion, until I reached the second paper. I was practically gawking when I read the word ‘antonyms’. I did not study for that, like at all. ┬á

So I just did the most logical thing, and mentally deleted answers that just didn’t make sense. I thankfully ended up with just one mistake.

I later found out that It wasn’t just me, but also Clar and Navs, who were taken by surprise with the arrival of the big A.

We still had one period left, in which we played scrabble. I must say, we have improved since our last scrabble session. from words like ‘Hat’ it had upgraded to ‘hate’ you see that? Improvements!┬á

But anyways, It was a pretty fun class. But now that AEP midterms are out of the way, there’s still another storm we have to pass. (literally)


And I just hope my skiis are enough to get me through.


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