It was a stormy day, with heavy rain and a typhoon. It was also the day of our AEP midterm.

Who doesn’t love midterms? I certainly don’t. But who knows, maybe theres someone out there who actually likes midterms.

I shouldn’t be complaining, we had 40 minutes to answer 30 multiple choice questions.

When i first arrived at school, everything was mostly calm. No one was stressing about their exam. And it stayed that way for the rest of the day. What was there to worry about?We had a short review within lunch time which helped me significantly during the test.

Anyway, we started taking the test. Everything was going fine. Nothing too odd. The only thing i found a little bit challenging was some of the choices were words I haven’t heard of.

After the test, our teacher told us that she made a mistake. One of the questions didn’t have a answer. So, it became a bonus question. At least we know no one got a 0.

The day was pretty fun, It was just taking a test but its still fun. The day wasn’t too special either.


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