This week, it is officially my first time to be the secretary for AEP 9, so let’s hope that this post will turn out to be a good one, or at least not the kind of post that everyone will yawn about.

We started off the week with writing an essay, first thing on a Tuesday morning. DOESN’T THAT SOUND EXCITING? As written in our book, we had to write an essay about visits to the UK by overseas residents and visits overseas by the UK residents between the years of 1982 to 2002. The essay should be written with at least 150 words, given 40 minutes to write everything. Differences and similarities should be included, and using words such as in common and in contrast to, helped in making the essay seems professional. Notes and the first draft written from previous weeks, helped us into passing everything on time. On behalf of the class, we hope that everything that was written down in our notebooks, made sense.

On Tuesday night, we were all reviewing for our midterms, which we took the next day. Reviewing until midnight and waking up early, we were ready. Or at least, that’s what we thought.

We were told that the midterms would consist of words from Units 1 to 3, in the Freshman section. That’s the only information we got, nothing else. We weren’t told whether we would be getting synonym, antonym or sentence questions.

We came in Miss Disa’s classroom and of course, we were told to “Smile, it’s Midterms Day”. Seeing the first page, synonym questions were the ones that appeared. Words such as opinionated and unbridled came out.

But then, when you get to the final two pages of the test, the first word that would catch your attention would be “Careful”. Just by reading that, you would know that something quite bothering was going to happen. ANTONYM QUESTIONS APPEARED.

Not only that, but the confusing words were the ones that came out. Words like feint, and compensate appeared. We all checked our papers around 8 times, crossing out each definition that would match with another word. We were slowly falling asleep, considering the music that was being played in Miss Disa’s room made us sleepy.

In the end, was washed off the stress by playing Scrabble as we sang along to Maroon 5. Our results weren’t bad either. We did our best and if it did happen, then it happened. That’s part of life.

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