I feel tired even though I haven’t done a lot. Maybe it’s just the thought of doing the homeworks & projects combined with the thought of studying for quizzes and midterms. Just the thought of doing it feels nauseous and this is just high school! I just came to the realisation that I like learning new stuff but I don’t like the actual ‘work’ part of it. If you’re a person who is far away from the crowd, you’ll start to notice the actual ‘madness’ of the whole ‘system’. Don’t mind me though, I sound delirious, I’ll just get to the work.

This week, or last week depending on how you see stuff, we discussed the essay-checklist again. We needed to add more sectors and parts to the checklist as the old wasn’t enough. Checklists & rubrics tend to be vague in describing the standards needed for that specific part of of the checking so that’s what we needed to improve on. So far, I’m having a hard time making the specifics but I have a tip for the others. Try to work backwards and don’t try to put up positive standards. Instead, try to put stuff like ‘Only 1 or 2 spelling mistakes per paragraph’ as a specific, it helps more.

I don’t have a tip for the others but good luck with your grades and have a nice day!