I was very nervous as the bell rang for our next class, it was AEP. I knew that we were going to have our midterms today. My friends and I sat on our usual sits but miss. Disa separated us because we were going to take our midterm exam.

When miss handed us our papers I started to feel even more nervous than I was before. I started my exam but it was like the answers ran away from me, I couldn’t really remember the synonyms or the antonyms of the words. Luckily for me some of the words were somewhat similar to words in my original language, Portuguese, so I could guess they’re meanings.

Everyone had finished the exams early so miss told us to just sleep or study for other subjects as we waited for the bell to ring.

Image sourse: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/2077954-students-at-oberlin-college-tried-abolish-midterms-and-grades-below-c-amid-activism-report/