My first day was a quite boring day, most of the day was just me taking a AEP test.

Our teacher, Mrs. Disa, was talking about how grade 7 students aren’t very “focused”.

She said instead of reading, it would be much better if the lessons involved listening.

So thats how it turned out… lessons about listening. She also talked about our quizzes and rules. For quizzes we had a site to review (,every week we have to study 15 words.

Though, most of the day was just me taking a test, I still enjoyed the class.

In my second class, we had a quiz. Most of us studied, but it wasn’t too hard anyways.

We even had choices, I still wonder how you could fail a test like that. Soon after that, we had a listening lesson, but it was cut short from the bell.

But we still talked about some things about listening. She said we should have our own note taking style and write the main points:




And some other things i don’t remember…

Overall I enjoyed the day, and I hope the rest of the year will go something like this.