After reading 3 weeks of blogs I am very very happy with the results. Keep up the good work guys. I do notice however that there are differences in ‘readability’ levels. A good blog post does not need to be too long or too short. What is more important is CONTENT and ‘readability’. I’m not using this word as defined in the dictionary. I want to describe the feeling that you get after reading a post. If you feel like reading it again, or if the post has an immediate effect on you.

POSTING will give you 5 STARS

You will loose stars if

  • it was LATE
  • if there are too many GRAMMATICAL errors
  • if there are ANY spelling mistakes
  • irrelevant ( your post will actually be removed )
  • you don’t name the source of your picture ( your picture will be removed )
  • you don’t post using a picture
  • you don’t fill in the category boxes correctly
  • I yawn while reading it
  • too short and none of the below

You will  gain stars if

The content is

  • interesting
  • detailed
  • helpful
  • has readability
  • entertaining
  • insightful
  • posted ON TIME ( Not RUSHED on Sunday night!!! )

Basic but OK ( you get just +1 ) …” informative”


You will gain (a)  MERIT/s if

  • someone follows your blog. +1
  • if you post constructively on someone else’s blog. +3

Basic guide to star ratings…..






= Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

IF YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR STAR RATING you can get rid of the errors , publish it and then send me a link to the NEW POST, and if all is well I will change your rating.