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There we are, one week away from AEP midterm exams. Oh no.

This week’s AEP was all about applying what we’ve learned last week; answering with the 6 main questions, what, why, when, where, how and who. Our soundtrack was referring to a lecturer talking about social influence. As always, we had to listen first then take notes so I used the listening technique that I found easy which was the (MJ*) picturing system.

*I’ll try explaining more about the Michael Jackson picturing system. The soundtrack we listened to had a subject about a woman named Ruth Jackson. While Ms. Disa was explaining the different ways of listening/taking down notes, she told us about the ‘picturing technique’. It’s basically picturing the important topics in your mind. I used this system and it made me picture Michael Jackson as Ruth Jackson. And that’s how we named that technique the ‘MJ picturing system’

To be honest, I find listening to be really entertaining. You’ll never know what topic you’re going to be listening to that day! But of course, I also panic I won’t obtain the right information. I guess I will learn to do that throughout the school year.

Ms. Disa then reminded us about the AEP midterm exam. We’ll be taking it next week. I’ll have to study hard and pass the text.