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4 days of holiday and I’m still not satisfied. Anyway, let’s snap back into reality.

In this week’s AEP (which was only one period), we focused on taking down notes and the main questions that we’ll have to answer while doing so. We learned the different ways of taking notes while listening. Since Ms. Disa likes doing things the hard way, we had to take down notes after listening to the soundtrack. I guess that was another way of learning to listen accurately. It was difficult but I think I got the hang of it.

We were supposed to have a vocabulary test that day, however, it got moved to our next meeting. *small victory squeak*

This week’s session was great because I finally found my way of taking down notes! (the floating Michael Jackson head type) Although it’s not unique, it works for me.

Oh. And Pre-loved**! First of all, pre-loved is something like an organization that our AEP Teacher Ms. Disa has created. All in all, it’s about trading. Students of all grades bring supplies that are not being used in their house to Ms. Disa’s AEP room. They are free to trade items from their own with something they’ve needed that someone else owns. This way, we are able to reduce waste and satisfy our needs!

 That Wednesday, right after I arrived home, I looked around for anything that wasn’t being used for more than a year. Turns out I have a lot of them!  I can’t wait for next Wednesday to bring them all!

 **If you’re interested in pre-loved here’s the link to it’s facebook site: https://m.facebook.com/makingadifferenceonedropatatime/