I‘m sure this week has been a nightmare with tests, projects, and plenty of homeworks being passed out all due to the many holidays. For short, TCC(TeaCher Cramming)

But, hey. There’s always a cause and effect, am I right? and to my dismay, I don’t regret the blissful extra hours that I was able to posses with the love of my life.

my bed.

That being said, let’s take a recap:

September 6, Tuesday:  

  • -discussed and talked about our plan for the essay.(visits to the UK by overseas residents, and the visits to the overseas by the UK residents)
  • Mrs. Disa showed us important notes that should be in our plan.                                          -she demonstrated on the board how.
  • we were given time to correct and add points that should be in our plan.

 September 7, Wednesday: 

  • wrote draft A for the essay.
  • exchanged essays, to evaluate and add notes with classmate.
  • had a short impromptu where we were given a word(family, english language, food) In which we had one minute to talk about.                                                                                          -graded as recitation


-study vocab( 1,2,3) for quiz on Wednesday.

-midterms are this week. (writing the essay)


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