I slept on the beach of AEP in a sand angel position, staring at the skies with my shades for protection. ‘Why do we have tests anyway?’, a question rings in my head. To see if we really learned anything from the term? I could undertsand it from the point of view of a student, but why? Why have tests for all of the subjects and not only the ones we need for our future jobs? To make sure that we’re ready for everything that’s going to be given in life? So we can make changes to the subjects we like that’s going to be nearest to our future jobs? But the future can’t be seen, nobody knows who’s going to be living on the streets of Spain 3 years from now, if there is a 3 years from now. Why not change the whole education system so it can divide the types of students to how they learn? Because it’s expensive? Why is money always a part of everything we do everyday? Why are we divided by countries? Why aren’t we just ‘The Human Race’? Why is there always a fight for everything?


I stood up and dressed for the practice. The midterm exams are an important halfway stop between the exams, signalling the 50% of a term. AEP’s VocabTest is no joke in this regard, the words are more complicated than how they seem to be. 60 words to feel and not all of them are going to make it to the test itself. I feel jaded today for some unknown reason. It could be because of the heat or because I just feel lazy to study. It feels like I had too much of something and just want to rest for the remaining hours of the day. But alas, I have to keep on moving to the darkness that is the future. To fix the complications or to flunk out? That’s one question that’s easy to answer.




  • Does the essay tackle the main point of the statement?
  1. (Does it answer the question given in a clear manner?)
  • Does it have a strcture/division of some sorts?
  1. An intro that directly answers the question?
  2. A body that has explained arguments for your answer to the question?
  3. A conclusion that wraps up the text, including parts of the intro & body?
  • Will the essay garner at least a bit of attention from the reader?
  • Is the essay consistent & doesn’t contradict with itself?
  1. (Does the essay actually make sense?)
  • Did you stay on topic & not digress?
  • Does your essay cover eveything you need to talk about and answers the question?
  • Are you using the proper language to address the reader?
  1. (Whether its formal or informal?)
  • If you took something from an external source, did you examplify and quote the source?
  • Did you double-check it for mistakes in grammar and punctuation?


The sources for my doodle, composed of a few edited pictures: