Another humdrum week passed by and here I am writing my third blog about AEP. Unfortunately this week I couldn’t focus in my classes because of how weak I felt, in other words, I was sick. I didn’t have the energy to participate and all I wanted to do was sleep under my comfy blanket. But since I am a good student, I didn’t miss my classes and tried my best to be attentive.

This week, we had another listening practice about social influence and group decisions. Afterwards, a multiple choice test was given which was quite trouble-free. I also learned an easy way for note-taking from Ms. Disa, which was to visualize a picture or to draw what you understand, and I find this really helpful for me in the future.

In the second meeting, we had a vocab quiz for unit 2. Unluckily for me, I completely forgot to study the definitions of the words but instead studied the synonyms. Because of this, I had a few mistakes here and there.

In conclusion, this week was very tiring for me yet I survived and now I am all healed.