Unfortunately, my brain has had a blackout for 1 week, so I have forgotten to post. “Best reason for not doing his or her homework” – Omar Khalili 2016

In my opinion, Week 2 was the starting sessions of AEP. Why, you ask? Week 1 was the introduction about AEP and Week 2 is the week where we started doing “stuff” work. 

We answered lengthy passages, which where mildly hard. They were hard because, it was our first time reading passages. (Last year, we learned all about listening to lectures) The VocabTest was fun and easy because, we knew most of the words already, and sometimes use them in our daily lives. 

That’s it for my comments, for Week 2. 

Cool Student – Here is the link of the featured image. Thanks!

Edit: I have changed the picture to a cool student and this will now be AEP Week 2 Post.