A few weeks ago I had my first AEP session with Ms. Disa. It took us a while to figure out what classroom we’d go to but we found it anyway. As we walked in Ms. Disa’s appealing classroom, I noticed the meaningful quotes and funny pictures. It made me feel motivated which gave me a good view of the subject.

Ms. Disa started the session by giving us an assessment test that would either make me stay or move to ESL. The test looked difficult but I passed it! (yay!). Ms. Disa told us that we’ll do a lot of listening tests this year so I will have to tolerate with that.

Since I was assigned as the secretary of that week, it was my responsibility to blog what we had learned. We didn’t go too deep into the topic because it was the first week of school but Ms. Disa made us listen to a short lecture between a lecturer and the students, which was pretty much the lecturer speaking in the whole soundtrack. We had a little hard time trying to catch up, turns out that the soundtrack was actually for the 11th grade. After that, Ms. Disa informed us about the vocabulary test for the 2nd week. That’s what we’ve done all in all. 

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