Unfortunately last week, AEP  got cancelled due to National Heroes day on Monday, and Pinaglabanan Day on Tuesday. Honestly, i wished there were classes, as it’s always fun to learn new things and have a good time with your friends but on the flip side, we were lucky, since my classmates and i got plenty of time to prepare for an upcoming event called Buwan ng Wika or, Language of month when translated into english, which was being held on Friday that week.

Unaware of the fact that we had to post a blog, over the 4 days long weekend i did nothing but worked on for hours, preparing props, managing and planning things for the event, as the school required each year level to present a booth of an assigned region.

Anyways, now focusing on AEP, we had no classes but were required to do an online vocabulary quiz, as usual but this time it was unit 2 and later send our output to Ms.Disa through email.

In my view, learning new vocabulary words every week has seemed to help me, as i now can easily use them in sentences while writing essays or having conversational talk with friends. Though i still need more practice, but hopefully by the end of this school year i can pull this off!

Well that’s all for today, folks!
Have a nice day! 🙂