Another week has passed, leaving us in a new metaphorical era that will soon commence at the first light of Monday.

That being said, let’s take a step back to the time beforehand.

Week 3: going back to the basics with describing similarities

The first activity we had done is to find the similarities between two countries. {Philippines and Indonesia}

We had to find at least ten. As easy as it may have sound( being as they are both in Asia) It was actually quite difficult when you’ve already done the obvious answers.

Things we learned as regarding to find such similarities: 

  1. Be specific you cannot just generalise something. ie. food, culture. What in food?
  2. Give examples relating to the first point, you need to give examples. ie. culture- malong( a fabric that is versatile in many ways, such as somewhat used as a sash)

Now that you’ve had your similarities, the next thing to do is to construct your sentences.

Sure, it sounds really easy. But take note to never use the same word twice. And so we did a word chart. (actually Mrs. Disa did most of the words- shamelessly we couldn’t get passed ‘both’)

Describing Similarities:

  • both
  • same(/similar)
  • in common
  • share
  • alike


  • only one
  • different/dissimilar
  • disparate(essentially different)
  • in contrast to
  • different from
  • unlike


Well, that concludes everything we’ve done this past week. Being as we essentially had only two periods of AEP.


  1. create a plan, page 19.
  2. vocab lesson 3, freshmen. 


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