There were no trials this week. Only stale nothingness. Awaiting, perhaps, for another point in time where we jump upon more monsters of English. The island has been quite quiet this week. Sometimes this happens and most people would celebrate over it. They would celebrate over the fact that there were no trials on the island. I am on the neutral side of the argument, as I always am. If there are no trials, then good for me. If there are trials, then so be it. I shall improve myself, like a robot with the sole purpose of being upgraded over a long period of time. However, sometimes I do need to remind myself of why I’m here. It wasn’t an exact choice, it was a fated one.

I shall get into the gist of the week. This week, there were no classes for our AEP 10. Monday was National Heroes Day and Tuesday was Pinaglabanan Day. Us humans have a tendency of celebrating too much, it seems. I feel that our minds get hindered over the chance to have fun just a little bit too much. Sometimes I don’t understand why we celebrate events! It’s a bit silly, like how we move our hands back and forth while we walk, most of us don’t exactly know why we do what we do. So AEP 10 basically didn’t do anything this week.

However, I do have a few more tips for essay writing:

  • When writing your draft, don’t fix mistakes in grammar or punctuation as they usually get in the way of the speeding train of thoughts.
  • Sharpen your pencil, seriously! Nothing’s worse than having to sharpen your pencil while you’re having ideas about ‘The Purpose of Life’, only to come back with ideas of why we still don’t have erasable tools like pencils.
  • Divide your essays into simple parts as it’s really annoying when you have a mixed bag of thoughts.

And remember, you need to be happy about what you’re doing. It would be better for you to take a short 30 minute break and come back rather than just to worry over why you couldn’t write the final sentence to the conclusion of whatever you’re writing (YOU CANNOT DO THIS WHILE YOU’RE TAKING YOUR EXAMS, SO YOU BETTER PRACTICE WRITING).