I was enjoying my summer break, staying up all night and chatting until the morning, when all of a sudden a big block hit me right in the face. As you would’ve probably guessed, that big block would be school.

Going back to school, there were so many new teachers and I felt pretty excited to be taught by them. But there’s always one teacher who has been teaching me ever since elementary and that would be Miss Disa.

Heading into her classroom, my friends and I were talking about how we’ve lost a part of our gang. It may sound silly, but the one that we’ve lost is known to be my partner in crime, so it feels like we’re incomplete. Once inside, we were welcomed by the one and only Miss Disa, who was smiling at us. We were greeted simple words and were explained that TOEFL is now being replaced with AEP. I’m not exactly sure what AEP stands for as some people say it’s Academic English Program and some say it’s Advanced English Placement. But that doesn’t really matter because for me, whatever you call it, it’s still going to be called “Difficult Level of English’ in my head.

Without any warning, we were told that we would be doing writing this year. That strong and hard feeling in my chest suddenly emerged and sighs were heard in the classroom. As expected, we would be taking a pre-test at the start of every year, which we could take again at the end of the school year, to see our progress.

Once again, no one saw this coming. We were shocked as to what we had to do in the test. My friends and I exchanged glances as we didn’t know what to do. For the first few minutes, I had to chill and calm down to actually get something to be written on the paper. As I was answering the test, thoughts came to my mind if this was what we were going to be doing for the whole year. If there could be an image of how we would look like answering the test, we would look really calm and collected but inside, we were freaking out. I just hope that whatever I put on that paper made sense.

Skip over to next week, when we actually started with our lesson. It may seem easy at first, but the further you go into it, the harder it would get. Now I have never in my life has to present a graph to an audience, so it was somewhat difficult for me. It’s quite a good thing that we’re only three in class so it wasn’t really that hard to build up a nerve and at the same time practice to an audience. We ended the lessons with blank looks on our faces, mostly nodding as we were flabbergasted as to what was going on.

But hey, if this is what AEP is going to be like, then bring it on. We’re here in school to get an education, so let’s just hope the year would be great!

Picture from: http://www.relatably.com/m/welcome-back-to-school-memes