After a long weekend, I finally had another AEP class. Although this time, I wasn’t greeted with a soft smile on Ms. Disa’s face but a face that explained that I might’ve done something wrong. With a million questions running through my mind, she finally called my name with her British accent.

Luckily, it wasn’t much big of a deal. All she told me was to always knock the door before entering the classroom and always greet her with a simple good morning or afternoon. Well, with that being said, lesson learned.

In class we had a listening test about a male student who needed help to choose what course he’d study for college, it was quite easy for me. Shortly after that, Ms. Disa gave us some tips on writing notes using questions like; what, how, who, when, why and where. As well as to always listen the words you hear the most. In this case, it was the word, “intern”.

Aside from learning you have a vocab test next Wednesday, this week’s class wasn’t bad and I enjoyed it.

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