For the past fifteen minutes I’ve been thinking for a somewhat ‘creative’ title to start off my first blog. Which with no luck, I’ve decided a safer approach: a completely obvious statement. ‘Welcome a new school year’ Descriptive? check. exciting? Well, it has an exclamation mark, that must mean something, right?

Anyways… let’s talk about the real reason why I’m even writing this blog: first day of AEP. Which stands for  Academic English Program( because I totally did not have to do a double check)

I walked into the classroom feeling quite excited. It was still the same room, with art pin-ups and inspirational quotes taking up most of the white and blue walls. We were only three, this year. One of our very own transferred. Call it dramatic, but It felt like something was missing. From the Four Musketeers, we are now officially Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

That being said, our first lesson was mainly just Mrs. Disa explaining the criteria for this years’ lessons. We also took a test, which we will then re-take by the end of the school year to see our progress. Oh my chicken noodles. The test we took was definitely unlike the others we’ve done during our previous years.

It wasn’t anything impossible to do, but it was just different. We had information provided, where we then had to analyzed and write about. It took me quite sometime to put all my data together, because I wasn’t completely sure of what some of them meant. So I just winged it, and hoped that It somewhat made sense. The other obstacle was that we were required to answer the first and second portion.

And In that point I was in complete panic mode. It didn’t help watching my other classmates stretching and leaning back into their chairs, which was a clear indication that they were done. I later found out that we all didn’t answer the second portion, which honestly got me relieved.

The next class, we began our first lesson which was about analyzing graphs. We got to work in a group, where we discussed and shared our thoughts about the section we were answering. For some weird reason, all of us were oddly quiet today. Some voices even hardly reaching above a whisper. Including my own.

Maybe it was the weather? who knows, honestly. After the discussion we then had to present In front of the class of how we would describe a specific graph. It was soon my turn, and I don’t know if anyone could tell, but the nerves were definitely setting. Even if it was just a small presentation. What happened? Well, It kind of failed the first time, and failed again the second time. It was really embarrassing. I just hope I get it right next time, implementing the skills that Mrs. Disa presented us.

If you’ve read until here, give yourself a pat in the back! I wasn’t sure If this was long enough, or It was just too long.  But I guess I’d end this with my expectations of the class.

I’m excited to see whatever AEP has to offer and continue to progress and learn.

So thank you for reading!(insert emoji here)


(The picture, I’ve edited myself. from You guys can try it out! 🙂 They’ve got cute fonts, and stickers.