Fawaz was feeling pretty good about going home from dinner on a Monday night. It felt unusually weird, like watching a drying wall and feeling happy about the wall being on its state of ‘drying’. On a usual Monday night, he would usually be on some Mathematical question he couldn’t seem to get correct. Something was off, he could feel it. He hopped on to the brown, fur sofa which he ‘secretly’ claimed, much to the dismay of his sister, and turned on his phone.


‘BLOG Homework #1!’, his mind screamed.

Darn! I knew I forgot something!

He then proceeded to stare questioningly at the screen of his phone for the following 3 minutes. Here, we have an unhealthy, possibly malnourished, 15 year-old who just arrived home from a pretty satisfying Japanese dinner. He is going to go to an explosive rant on the art of TOEFL, sorry, AEP, in a few minutes with words he probably doesn’t understand. In fact, he thinks that students in Ms.Disa’s class are gonna go on a rampage on writing for her blog since she wrote this ‘mind-opening’ e-mail.

Curses! What in Simon Cowell are we gonna do now, Watson?

.The script tells you to write, little boy. So write! Now! With haste!

But I need to finish the Filipi-

.Write, Fawaz! Write!

But I-

.Shut up!


WEEK 01: Lost Again in TOEFL, oops sorry, AEP

Back again. AGAIN. For the 4th time, I guess. Here, on the island of AEP or TOEFL or IELTS, I don’t know what you call the name of the island, in the end, it’s just ‘Advanced English’, or something like that. I still don’t understand what AEP stands for, whether A is for Academic or Advanced, or whether E is for English or Education, it doesn’t matter in the end. Names never do matter in times like these, it’s what we do that matters. I’m still surprised over the lost of Maddie. Some rumours said that she managed to build a makeshift boat by herself and sailed to an island where they struggled over a curse which made you speak an ancient South-East Asian Language. Then again, rumours aren’t much of a juicy thing when there are just 4 people on an island. Ms.Disa is still here, of course, who else is strong enough to face the curses of ‘English’ other than someone who flows by English itself. Namita still on the island, check. Jeenan seemed to have disappeared the other day, sometimes that happens. Sometimes people disappear. But they come back, most times. Ethan didn’t come back, but that’s 3 years ago, so it does’t really matter.

Ms Disa assigned me as secretary of the island for this week. The secretary keeps a record of what happens at the island every time we meet. I, however, like to play make-believe. So I’m the pope in my head, someone who shares the news and tidings of a greater being to help the people of the island.

We didn’t do much this week. On the official Day 1, a Monday for this year, Ms.Disa introduced WordPress. WordPress is a pelican-based messaging system used to deliver and share the ideas of the inhabitants of the island, an idea which should really be on every single island. She assigned to me 1 pelican, with the name tag, fawaz2017, plain, simple, and lovely, especially the ‘fawaz’ part.

On Day 2, Ms.Disa cooked up a lesson on the WordPress system, which I still have trouble integrating into my system, which I think matters more than the WordPress one, but I’m a narcissist sometimes, so I digress. I have a love and hate relationship with birds, especially ones which can poop on you and make your day go sour, literally. On one hand, they can be ever so smart with their actions. On the other hand, they might just backfire, like how I’m writing this diary entry late, KA-SPLAAT. She also started the ‘lesson’. It might sound intimidating at first, but to be completely honest with you, it’s really more than that. It’s a normal lesson on ENGLISH. Oh, the horrors. I can only speak on a ‘satisfactory’ level with my native tongue, and since English came, it has brought shame to me. The shame is that I’m actually better at speaking English than I am at speaking Bahasa Indonesia. It has been haunting me for the past 2500 days, or something like that, I don’t usually count time.

This year, we are focusing on stuff we are not good at, exactly what we need. We need stuff we are not good at, and I say this with no hint or so of sarcasm, I think. We started on writing and how I love to write about stuff that just drone on and on and on. Ms.Disa told us to write a draft on what we think of a picture with a an old couple being surrounded by a cyclone of technology. I smiled like a pervert who has just found a magazine not right for his age. Writing on stuff like this is like digging at a buried treasure. It might be tiring at first, but the end result can be satisfying. Even though I might not find anything in the end, I am given a chance to feel like an adventurer on some lost quest, a bit insane, but possibly on a joyride of his life.


WordPress and start of writing. It might be hard to unravel my writing, might, but like I said, the end result can be satisfying. So just read everything.

————————————————————————————————————————Notes learned at writing an essay

Don’t count the words if there is a minimum, just keep on writing until you reach the time limit.

Don’t make your draft too long or you’re gonna have a hard time patching up an essay.

Make simple sentences that aren’t too long, with extremely short adverbs that are in no way at all exquisite, don’t even try to add comas and make your sentence invalid, or hit 3 lines in making something so simple.

HAVE FUN WRITING, that’s the most important lesson, you need to feel the groove.