I walked into Ms.Disa’s class, thinking its TOEFL and to my surprise, it turns out to be an AEP class. Sitting there, as time passed by, I doubted myself as to what AEP could stand for, and was later explained it’s Academic English Program.

I wondered what could be the difference between TOEFL and AEP, and the possible reasons as to why TOEFL has been replaced. The answer to my question was given in split seconds, by none other than Ms Disa.

As the introduction to AEP class continued, something really hit me hard when we were told that we will be focusing more on writing and speaking for this school year. It took me a while to believe as I know It will be challenging, and it’s something I haven’t done in a long period of time. But that’s school life you see. You have to overcome those challenging obstacles and learn from it.

AEP, I’m looking forward as to what you could offer me. I am hoping to enhance my writing and speaking skills which will help me in future, when I’ll be taking an exam.

That’s all for now, see you next week.

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