Last Monday was the first AEP class I’ve ever had, it was a really good experience. And I never knew that there would actually be a difference between AEP and ESL classes.

And as soon as I wondered into class, And the first thing I see immediately notice is Ms. Disa’s tall figure. I thought it would be awkward at first since I had not seen her for about two years, but turns out that I was wrong. Ms. Disa had never changed, she was still her cheery and sarcastic self which I liked the most about her.

In the second period, I remember Ms. Disa telling us that we have a listening and writing exercise. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to write anything down since I get panicked really easily which causes me to forget about things and I’m a really slow writer. So I really hope I can get over that and take down notes better.

My class experience was really fun and great! I really enjoyed my time with Ms. Disa and I’m looking forward to my next AEP class!


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