As a freshman, surrounded by wiser and older students in a place where I am not familiar with was scary. But what was even scarier was studying a subject I had never heard of before. This class is called AEP, also known as Academic English Program.

I entered the room as our teacher gave us a warm welcome with a soft smile painted on her face. I gazed around in awe and realized that the room had some art materials and artworks on different places. There was also a handful amount of inspiring posters and quotes filling the walls.

In my previous classes, the students would introduce themselves in order for the teacher to know them. Fortunately in Ms. Disa’s class, I didn’t have to because I was one of her students in ECF class during my elementary years. I was genuinely happy to see her as one of my subject teacher again.

For the rest of the class, Ms. Disa talked about how we will be focusing more on listening and taking down notes this school year. I would say that I’m not a bad note taker myself but who knows. She talked about several things in class, like the importance of recycling and making our Mother Earth a better place.

I intend to study hard and improve my skills in English with the help of this class and Ms. Disa.



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