Here we are again,another year.New faces and old faces. Some students have moved to new adventures across the seas, across the streets and others, alas, across the corridor. AEP is a new and improved version of TOEFL. TOEFL itself started as ECF, which had just found itself and matured into something I was beginning to understand. In fact that’s school life, as things mature and begin to take shape they seem to pack their bags and fly off to distant lands.I am proud however to have been able to part of these things, for however fleeting the moment.

This year I have another batch of chattering 7th graders, my grade 8 who by now know the score, my “girls” in grade 9, my “hardliners” in grade 10 and my “kamikaze”grade 11. I am hoping for a fruitful and fun year and I hope that they will find blogging useful, and dare I say,enjoyable?